Owner builders

Connect Business Insurance: Addressing Unique Challenges for Owner-Builders

As an owner-builder, you face a unique set of risks and responsibilities in your construction projects. At Connect Business Insurance, we understand the intricacies involved in owner-building. Our experienced insurance brokers are well-versed in these challenges and can provide comprehensive insurance solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of owner-builders like you.

Understanding Owner-Builder Risks

Owner-building comes with a variety of risks, including property damage, public liability, and workers' compensation. These risks require specialised coverage to protect your project and mitigate potential financial losses. Our knowledgeable insurance brokers understand the complexities of owner-building and can provide tailored insurance solutions that address your specific requirements.

Protecting Your Project with Comprehensive Coverage

Our insurance solutions are designed to protect your construction project from a variety of risks. This includes coverage for property damage, public liability, and workers' compensation. Our goal is to help ensure your project progresses smoothly, regardless of any unexpected setbacks. We aim to provide comprehensive protection that safeguards your investment and minimises disruptions to your construction plans.

Building with Confidence through the Right Insurance

Having the right insurance coverage gives you the confidence to proceed with your building project, knowing that you are covered should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Our insurance brokers will work closely with you to craft an insurance package that suits your specific needs. We understand the unique aspects of your owner-building project and will tailor the coverage to your requirements, allowing you to focus on the construction project at hand with peace of mind.

Connect Business Insurance: Your Partner in Addressing Owner-Builder Challenges

At Connect Business Insurance, we strive to be more than just an insurance provider. We aim to be your trusted partner in addressing the unique challenges faced by owner-builders. Our comprehensive and customised insurance solutions provide the protection your project needs, allowing you to move forward with confidence. Trust Connect Business Insurance to secure your owner-building projects against potential setbacks and ensure their successful completion.

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