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Insurance Solutions

At Connect Business Insurance we provide personalised insurance solutions for a range of industries - from construction, business and office packages through to workers' compensation and public liability requirements. Whatever your needs, we have a wide expertise in providing tailored insurance solutions for almost any business or trade.

Claims Management for Your Business

Unfortunately, many business owners and managers experience added work and stress when they attempt to file a claim with their insurance company. Not only is this uncalled for (after all, business owners are paying their insurance company for protection), it is also unnecessary. Here at Connect Business Insurance, we take care of all points involved in filing a claim because our clients deserve the best support available.

Injury Management

We have an expert team of insurance professionals on hand to deal with injury management and workers compensation claims. They understand the complexities of workers compensation, and can provide valuable support to injured workers throughout the claims management process. They also fully understand your needs and obligations - making managing your claims much easier.

Premium Funding

Premium funding is a flexible and convenient alternative to paying large insurance premium costs upfront. It is becoming extremely popular these days, as it enables businesses to pay their insurance premiums in easy to manage monthly instalments. And with many businesses facing increasingly difficult financial times, premium funding is useful as it enables your business to free up its cash flow for use elsewhere.

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