Construction Insurance

At Connect Business Insurance, managing your risk is our priority - and we look after everything in the construction area.


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Managing your risk is our priority - and we look after everything in the construction area.

Whether it be insuring a home building project, building materials and equipment - or your exposure to the community - we have the right team to deal with it.
And because every project is different, we can find you the best package for all kinds of projects - from a single storey house to a shopping centre.

Our specially tailored construction insurance covers a wide range of areas, including commercial, residential, civil, mining and electrical.
So whether you are a project owner, contractor, builder, financial institution, engineer or public authority, we can provide the perfect insurance solution for your needs


While your insurance professional can address your unique circumstances, it is often a wise decision for renters or lessees to get insurance cover for property and equipment. If you're unsure about your specific circumstances, contact our expert team today.

Here's An Example:

Hope leases a storefront for her day spa. While she does not own the building, she has a large amount of money invested in all of the equipment needed to serve her customers, as well as the items that make her spa stand out from the competition.Suppose a fire destroys the building. Most, if not all, of Hope’s equipment and decorative items will also be lost. If she does not have the necessary cover, Hope will experience a tremendous financial loss. The loss could be significant enough to force her to close her business permanently.However, if Hope has insurance that covers the property and equipment, she will be able to replace the things needed to operate her business.

Safe Work Australia, Key Work Health Safety Statistics 2014

"Penalties awarded against companies and its directors or officers for work health safety breaches have increased by 43% to $22.3 million in one year. Penalties now average $62,000 per company."


Did You Know?
Many businesses think it won't happen to them, but statistics show otherwise. In fact:

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(Chubb 2016 Private Company Risk Survey)

The likelihood of a claim that could be covered by a Management Liability policy has tripled in the last five years, with 50% of notifications resulting in a claim.

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Chubb 2016 Private Company Risk Survey

The most common claims are for employment practices like bullying, harassment and wrongful dismissal.

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Chub, 2016 Private Company Risk Survey

Major claims by amount relate to crime - including employee fraud.