Engineering Insurance in Australia

Our team of business insurance professionals will ensure your engineering business is best placed to cover risk exposure.


Australia is a nation on the move. While the recent worldwide health crisis has slowed travel, it certainly has not halted it. However, traditional commercial air travel is losing ground to smaller private companies, and those who are able to are purchasing their own planes.With an increase in smaller planes in the air, there is an increased potential for insurance claims. This fact begs the question, ‘Do I have the right aviation insurance coverage and are the amounts sufficient for my needs?’

Business owners are aware that regardless of what type of goods or services they provide, there are some facets of owning a business that can be quite trying. Staffing a company is an example of an extremely challenging task. Yet, without competent and industrious individuals, most companies cannot survive. However, it takes time and effort to recruit and screen potential job candidates.

How can we help?

At Connect Business Insurance we understand the risk exposures that are unique to engineering practice.

Our team of professionals can therefore work closely with you to develop insurance and risk solutions, and to ensure your business is best placed to cover risk exposure and continue to grow.

For your information, it is recommended all engineers in Australia hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance policies, and conform to the standards set by the National Council of Engineers Australia.

Public Liability insurance, for example, is an essential form of cover to protect you from financial losses arising from a claim of accidental injury or property damage as a result of you going about your business.

We care about people and inspiring business success.